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Landscaping Services

Get the Yard You’ve Dreamed of With Landscaping Services in Vallejo

A beautiful yard for your home or business is only a phone call away. With the right help, it’s possible to restore or recreate everything, from the structures in the yard to how thick and green the grass is. If you’re ready to start working on a new yard, learn more about some of the services available now.


Vallejo Landscaping Services


The design may begin with the various hard features like walkways, fountains, and garden bed edging. This is the Hardscaping, and it helps create the overall design of the yard, break up the grass areas, and add to the look. The hardscape to the yard can make a difference in how the yard looks and can add unique features like statues to make the area more interesting.


Another major part of the design is Softscaping. This includes the plants that will be added to the yard. The softscape in a yard includes the flowers in flower beds, the trees, shrubs, and anything else that’s living. It’s the opposite of hardscaping, but both work together to create an amazing yard for residences and businesses.


Home and business owners interested in conserving water and other essential resources may want to ask about Xeriscaping. A xeriscaped yard includes native plants or plants that don’t require extra water and will still thrive in the climate. This cuts down on the water needed for the yard significantly and can help cut down on the need for fertilizers and chemicals to keep the yard looking great.


Adding water features to the yard can help create a stunning look for a home or business. Waterscaping, or the addition of water features, can include fountains, dry riverbeds that move water when it rains, and ponds. Designs can vary based on the preferences of the property owner, the size of the yard, and the budget.


Lawn Services

Lawn Seeding

If there are bare spots in the grass or it isn’t as thick as it should be, adding new grass seeds can help. Seeds generally take a few weeks to grow and do require more thorough watering until they have germinated, and the grass is starting to grow. Lawn Seeding can be done to fill in blank spaces, allowing the yard to have a uniform look once the grass starts to grow, can be done over the whole yard instead of laying sod, or can be done over the whole yard to help the grass grow thicker and reduce the chance of weeds being able to grow.

Lawn Fertilization

Grass requires certain nutrients to grow. Different types of grass can have different requirements. While many nutrients are available in the soil, this is depleted over time. Lawn Fertilization can help add more nutrients to the soil, where it can be used by the grass. Fertilization does need to be done carefully to prevent runoff and to avoid the waste that can get into local waterways. Most fertilization is done with a spreader, but there are liquid fertilizers that are available now as well.

Lawn Aeration

Grass requires air to be able to pull in nutrients and water. There is air in the soil, but if the soil becomes compacted, the amount of air available is depleted. This is when Lawn Aeration may be needed. Aeration removes small plugs throughout the yard, which allows the grass and soil to spread back out a little bit, so more air is accessible to the roots. The aeration plugs are typically left on the grass, where they’ll break down in time. As they break down, they can add nutrients back into the soil.

Sod/Turf Installation

Once construction is finished, new properties will need to have sod installed. Sod may also be installed when the property owner wants a fresh start or in certain parts of the yard that didn’t have grass in the past. Professionals who handle the Sod/Turf installation will let the property owner know how to take care of the sod until the grass has taken root, which generally includes more frequent watering for the first few weeks and staying off the grass until it is established.

Commercial & Residential Landscaping

Let us Design your Project

Basic Landscaping services can help take any yard from drab and boring to interesting and gorgeous. This starts with the right Landscaping design, where everything is planned out. It can include features already in the yard or be a completely fresh start. Designs can be created for Residential Landscaping to create a new yard and add curb appeal to a home or for Commercial Landscaping to make a property more inviting and more enjoyable for customers and those that pass by.

Tree Care Services

Take Care of Trees on the Property

Pruning and Trimming

Trees, like shrubs and other smaller plants, will need to be pruned regularly. Tree Pruning is generally done once per year, though some trees may require more frequent trimming. There are various methods that can be used to trim the trees, such as Crown Reduction, to help keep the tree small. Tree experts should handle the trimming and pruning to reduce the chance of damage to the tree and for safety. Once the tree is trimmed, there is a reduced change of large branches falling in severe weather, and the tree is going to be more aesthetically pleasing to look at. ​

Tree Removal

Though trees provide numerous benefits, there are times when they need to be removed. Trees suffering from diseases or pests may need to be removed if they will not survive, trees hit by lightning or damaged in a storm may need to be removed before they fall, and trees growing too close to a home may need to be removed before they cause foundation damage. It’s crucial to always have an expert handle the Tree removal to minimize the potential for damages or for injuries. Professionals can remove just about any tree quickly and easily, ensuring the potential danger for the property is removed.

Stump Removal and Grinding

Stumps left behind after a tree is removed can get in the way of improvements to the property, attract pests, and be an eyesore. Instead, after the tree is removed, the stump needs to be removed. Professionals can remove stumps from trees that were just cut down or older ones that were left behind on the property. One of the ways to get rid of the stump is through Stump Grinding. Using specialized equipment, the stump is ground into tiny pieces and left in place, reducing the amount of soil needed to fill the hole again. As the pieces of the stump break down, they also provide nutrients for whatever is planted in the space.

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